Microscopical Examination of Portland Cement, Clinker and Raw Feed

To Determine:

Effects of Cement-Plant Equipment and Process Changes

Evaluation of Heating Rate, Maximum Material Temperatrure, Time at High Temperature, and Cooling Rate (Ono's Method, Modified)

Prediction of 28-day Mortar-Cube Strength

Cement Particle-Size Variations (Approximate with Polyester Sieves)

Evaluation of Raw Feeds with F. L. Smidth's Burnability Test

Evaluation of Imported Cements and Clinkers


Supplementary Tests:

X-ray Diffraction with Rietveld Method for Phase Percentage Determination

Differential Scanning Calorimetry for Sulfate Phase Percentages

Bulk Chemical Analysis (ASTM C 114-05, Standard Test Method for Chemical Analysis of Hydraulic Cement)

Phase Percentages by Clinker Microscopy (ASTM C1356-96, 2001 Standard Test Method for Quantitative Determination of Phases by Microscopical Point-Count Procedure)